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PMA - a unique service for managers and investors

Professional Master account (PMA) 

 This is a special exchange account 50x.com with customizable settings, which can accumulate funds from any personal accounts and manage them, it does not have separate wallets replenishment and the ability to withdraw funds to the MANAGER, effectively protecting both depositors from the arbitrariness of the Manager and the Manager from copying the strategy by users without paying a fee.

 With the help of PMA, the MANAGER determines the limits of his freedom on each PMA (these rules can not be changed later) in respect of trading operations, commissions for profit and establishes his own rules for DEPOSITORS, and the EXCHANGE ensures exact compliance with the terms of the contract established by the Manager. PMA is available to receive ASSETS immediately after registration and execution of the initial replenishment by the Manager through a unique page with a description of all account parameters. The first contributor is the MANAGER, then the PMA may open Deposit accounts by his friends, family and fools (stage funding, "FFF").

 After the accumulation of the minimum required statistics (at least 2 months of trading), PMA is published in the list of available for joining PMA indicating the metrics of profitability, risk and stability of the MANAGER and participates in the public top list of PMA, where users of the exchange will be able to choose a Manager or a strategy to which they would like to join. The exchange also publishes an algorithmically calculated confidence Index (TRUST) and a return Index(RANK).

 PMA is the most accurate and advanced tool on the market to join successful traders, solving two critical auto-inheritance problems: 

 - The DEPOSITOR is fully protected from the main problem of auto-tracing on signals - slippage, which in practice often leads to losses when following the MANAGER's transactions belatedly. In PMA, the trader operates with the full amount of the attached funds and fully controls the influence exerted on the market. This is the most honest system in relation to DEPOSITORS who have entrusted their funds to the management, and even on illiquid assets, the financial result on the Deposit always corresponds exactly to the indicators of the Manager's account. 

 - The MANAGER, in turn, is also effectively protected from repetition of transactions by depositors on additional accounts without payment of remuneration, as he can choose the level of disclosure of information about trades on the account. For example, whether to show transactions / balances of specific currencies, or only show the financial result of the account. In addition, the MANAGER can set his level of payment of part of his remuneration to the participants of the 50x50 affiliate program for attracting INVESTORS to his PMA, which greatly increases the chances of attracting investors to successful PMA.

 📌Commission system: when you open a Deposit at PMA, the EXCHANGE charges a Commission of 1% of the amount of the Deposit. At the closing of the Deposit, if the profit on it is greater than 2%, the EXCHANGE charges a Commission of 1% of the amount of the Deposit. In other words, if you close the Deposit with a loss, the closing fee is not charged.

 📌 Protection of PMA depositors ' funds. It is impossible to withdraw funds from the master account anywhere except to the personal account from which they were received in proportion to the total funds on the master account. Upon completion of the master account (make a Deposit) calculates the quotient of the augmented funds from existing account to reflect the Deposit, thus the recalculated shares of all other accounts, earlier transfer of funds to a master account.

 When withdrawing (closing the Deposit) to the account of the DEPOSITOR, the share belonging to him from all ASSETS that are contained on the PMA at the time of closing is transferred. If the current market value of its share is higher than at the time of the last distribution of profit on the Deposit, the Manager's remuneration will be withheld, but of course, only from profit.

 As the base currency, you can use only tokens that we have declared trust (leading blockchains), this reduces the risk of losing funds due to the failure of the base currency of the account, and also reduces the risks of manipulating the value of the base currency by affiliated with tokens. As coins allowed to trade, you can use anything, but from the inclusion of shield in the list of allowed immediately affect the trust account.

 The Manager also risks his funds when managing PMA, the system allows you to set the ratio of the Manager's funds to the user's from 1 to 5 to 1 to 100 (which is also taken into account when setting up a trust). Our policy is to inform users of the increased risk of specific PMA, not to prohibit it. You can configure PMA for any strategy and for any allowed actions except for the withdrawal of user funds. This is the principle of decentralization and the absence of a dictate of Central power, the primacy of the contract and the responsibility of each for their actions, underlying blockchain technology, these principles we apply in the design of services.

 In other words, in the system you can create a PMA with settings that almost do not organically trader in what he does on the account, but such accounts will be provided with a "garbage" rating of trust and will have additional warnings. Users will decide whether to earn them on secure accounts or get involved in an adventure with an unknown outcome. There are quite a few strategies that the system will find dangerous, but in the hands of an experienced trader they will be profitable. Consistently showing successful results, he will be able to correct the rank of his account to positive, or simply use the system as a convenient trust intermediary to manage the funds of his friends / personal clients.

 📌 The PMA system is fully compatible with the 50x50 affiliate program. By default, 1% of the Manager's remuneration is deducted for attracting a user to PMA and can be increased to 80% when registering PMA. For partners 50x50 profitable to attract customers in a profitable PMA with small contributions than in the non-profit with large. 

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