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At the exchange there are two private token:

📌50X - dividend security tokens for which all the net profit of the exchange is distributed!
📌A2A - utility tokens through which all cross-currency trading takes place and internal unified accounting is maintained. Tokens also provide a 50% discount on payment of any commissions on the exchange.

🌟Alpha version of the exchange opened on March 27, 2018.
🌟26 June 2018 launched Beta version of the exchange!
🌟25 October 2018 launched the final (stable) version of the exchange!
🌟5 March 2020 appearance of the exchange on the site CoinMarketCap!

Technology Any-to-Any

The main advantage of 50X from other exchanges is the working Any-to-Any technology (A2A).

This technology allows you to exchange any cryptocurrency for any other directly in one action.
The conductors of this technology are A2A tokens - they are used as an intermediary in each transaction using this technology.
Our A2A decentralized technology allows us to support thousands of cross rates at the same time, with efficient use of resources. All cross-rates we process in the cloud A2A, with almost unlimited possibility of horizontal scaling. The presence of 100 coins on the exchange will mean the presence of 10,000 pairs of trade.
Liquidity on the 50x.com exchange comes at the expense of arbitration with other exchanges, user internal requests and at the expense of its own liquidity pool. A2A technology allows you to provide liquidity in the pair in which it is needed now, instead of reserving a fixed volume for each pair. This removes the restrictions that exist on existing cryptocurrency exchange sites. For the first time, an automatic collection of liquidity from other exchanges has been implemented on cryptobirths, which allows processing orders at better prices at a larger volume, as well as maintaining a large number of coins.
Tokens A2A 
The task is that, working with hundreds of different assets, you need to have a measurement system to evaluate all tokens in order to create cross rates, calculate commissions and maintain internal accounting. Therefore, we used an additional token for this purpose. It has the ability to self-regulate emissions, managed by a smart contract on the Ethereum network and an internal pool of market-making in other currencies on the 50x.com platform.

In addition, we have a promotional system that rewards users and makes their trading activities more profitable (especially for active traders who may suffer from recalculated commissions). Combining these two concepts, we created a utility token called A2A (after the name of the Any2Any technology that we invented and used to create hundreds of thousands of cross courses).
An additional useful feature of this token is to provide a calculation system with regard to the rates for all users on the exchange. It should be very attractive for users to buy, use and retain in order to get additional discounts and unlock professional functions on 50x.com, which will be available only to professional traders with a sufficient amount of commission paid to the system.

The total supply of A2A tokens available during the ICO was limited to 500 million A2A tokens. At the end of the ICO, more than 286 million A2A tokens were burned.
A2A tokens are used to calculate and pay commissions and dividends
Token A2A enables users to reduce the trade commission by 50% when it is paid by tokens and increases the user's discount depending on the amount of the fees paid to the system and the time it takes to keep the token on the account. The concept can be confirmed by the BNB Binance token, which has similar goals and structure. To comply with the development of the cryptocurrency market and to give the token additional long-term stability, we applied the A2A token price balancing mechanism.
This system gives us confidence that any A2A “sink” will simply be an ideal trading opportunity, and the token itself can become a very attractive trading tool.
Tokens 50X 
Security 50X tokens are used to measure your personal share in the general business of the 50X.com exchange. 100% of the net profit of the exchange will be distributed daily and monthly among owners of 50X tokens. At the end of ICO in June 2018, out of 100 million 50X tokens, approximately 53 million were destroyed in accordance with the Smart Contract, and a little more than 47 million tokens remained in circulation (including tokens owned by the founders of the business).
About 9.7 million of these 47 million 50X tokens have not yet found their owners. They can be purchased on our exchange through the so-called 50X100:SHOP, the price of which started from 0.04 ETH for 1 50X100. That is, you can buy 250 50X100 tokens for 1 air. 50X100:SHOP is programmed so that the price in it rises with each purchase.
All net income will be distributed among the investors of the company. Before each successive distribution, 100% of net profit will be divided into two parts (pool) - 80% pool and 20% pool.

A special pool of 20% of profit is intended only for those who bought 50X100 tokens during ICO and never sold them. First, the company will distribute 20% of the profits among all owners of purses with intact 50X100 tokens, and then 80% among all 50X tokens. If you sell a part of your 50X on the stock exchange and then buy them back, then this part will no longer make a profit from the 20% pool, but only from the total pool of the remaining 80%.

While the balance on your wallet, which has never moved, continues to receive a corresponding portion of 20% of the pool, too. For those tokens that never changed ownership, account for the entire 20% pool. This bonus is intended to inspire investors not to speculate with 50X tokens, but to keep them for the sake of receiving dividend income.

So, now STE tokens can be bought:
  • On the stock exchange 50x.com - making a profit from only 80% of the pool.
  • In the 50X100:SHOP - making a profit from the 20% and 80% pool.
Yield 50X

Approximate calculation of monthly profits for 50X holders depending on the turnover of the exchange.

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