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EWA is a unique function of protection of the exchange users ' funds.

 To all available functions of protection of the account and funds of the exchange users 50x.com, now mandatory added EWA.

 EWA (Emergency Withdrawal Address) is the address to which the tokens will be automatically withdrawn from your account if you activate the emergency account Closure procedure. The conclusion addresses smart contracts is not supported.

 When you activate EWA, you will need to securely save the Master key and enter at least one emergency output address. In the future, addresses can be changed!

 If you can not log in to your account because you lost the device to generate one-time codes and Private Key to generate codes, or are sure that access was obtained by third parties - you can use the Master key to your account to withdraw the balance to the Emergency Withdrawal addresses (EWA) and close your account. If ewa is not specified for some tokens, the balances will be exchanged for Bitcoin or for those tokens for which you specified withdrawal addresses, by a market order, and then withdrawn to your EWA. After completing the procedure, you will be able to re-open an account on the Exchange with the same email.

 You can start an emergency withdrawal via the menu on the exchange website, in the "Delete account"section.

 Account closure can not be canceled, all information from the account will be unavailable. The tokens on the balance will be sent to The Emergency Output addresses.
 If you have one-time codes generated, or you have a private key to generate one-time codes, it is recommended to restore access to your account or change the Private Key for one-time codes in the SETTINGS section instead of completely closing your account with a withdrawal.

 The master key is the ONLY method of emergency withdrawal of tokens from your account to your Emergency Withdrawal addresses (EWA), and is absolutely necessary if you have lost the ability to enter the correct password with the correct one-time two-Factor Authentication code and can not log into your account. You must store the Master key to your account offline in a secure location just as you store private keys to your blockchain addresses.

 If you manage to lose the Master key to your account, the device that generated one-time codes, as well as the Private key to generate one-time codes, wait 180 days from the last successful login and use the account deletion form by entering your login instead of the Master Key.

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